Workshops & Seminars

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Tab Dudley - fox walking stick


Prairie Canada is pleased to provide a variety of workshops.

Prairie Canada Workshops – Fall 2019- Winter 2019

Prairie Canada is offering a host of carving workshops at the Elmwood East Kildonan Active Living Centre in Winnipeg (180 Poplar Avenue). The Centre has a dedicated workshop and lunchroom– bring a lunch. Coffee is provided. Registration is on a first come first served basis. Register with Tom McCormack at (204) 253-0885 (home). Workshop details are sent out to students in advance of the workshop. Prairie Canada can supply dust collectors and power carving equipment for a $5.00 fee. Profits raised through the workshop go towards hosting the annual competition. Full day workshop usually run from 9:30am to 4:30pm. Evening workshops run from 6:30pm to 9:30pm.

Prairie Canada Carving Show and Competition 2019 - May 3-5

Prairie Canada is pleased to offer workshops, featuring talented Manitoba instructors, offering workshops for every carver from beginners to advanced.   Classes TBA

Oak Hammock Carving Guild Workshops – Winter 2019 TBA

WindyDay Woodworks

Chainsaw Carve Horned Owl with Russ Kubera

Saturday, May 26
9:30 AM to 5:00PM at Tyndall Firewood Supply.
In this session you will learn how to carve a horned owl from a tree stump using a chainsaw and related tools. The session will cover all the steps involved from planning it out, blocking, carving details to finishing. At the end you will go home with your very own chainsaw carving. Provided in this session is the instruction, log, tools for detailing, and lunch. Participants must provide their own chainsaw and safety equipment.  Cost: $250 includes lunch   Register here

Chainsaw handling and safety course.

Saturday, June 9th 9AM - 4 PM Cost: $250 lunch and equipment included
This is a good course to get experience for the Chainsaw Carving Workshops. Includes Certificate for employment purposes valid for three years In this course you will learn about the safe operation of a chainsaw and have opportunity to put information to practice by carving a simple log bench. Instruction includes personal protective equipment, kickback, proper felling, notching, storage, chainsaw safety features, reactive forces, proper sharpening, introduction to wedges, felling levers, round and flat files, and depth gauge tools to properly maintain saws. At the end participants will go home with their own log bench. Instructors: Ken Fosty, Ernie Reimer. Register here

Lee Valley Tools - Winnipeg Seminars

Lee Vally's list of seminars is now available for April to August.  These fill quickly so register early.
May 27 Beginner Guitar Repair
May 31 Beginner Power Carving

June 1 Intermediate Power Carving
June 2 Sharpen Your Carving Tools
June 7 Beginner Woodworking: A Passive Amplifier
June 8 & 9 Beginner Woodcarving
June 14 Beginner Woodturning: a Sierra Pen
June 15 & 16 Beginner Woodturning
June 21 Beginner Woodturning: a Baron Pen
June 22 Sharpen Your Turning Tools
June 24 Beginner Guitar Repair
June 28 Beginner Woodturning: Carbide or Traditional Tools?
June 29 & 30 Intermediate Woodturning

July 4 Beginner Woodturning: a Sierra Pen (Ages 12 and Up)
July 5 Beginner Woodturning: a Sierra Pen (Ages 12 and Up)
July 6 Beginner Woodturning: a Virage Pen
July 11 Beginner Bonsai (Ages 12 and Up)
July 12 & 13 & 14 Beginner Woodworking: a Stick Dulcimer
July 18 & 19 Beginner Carving (Ages 12 and Up)
July 20 Sharpen and Maintain Your Garden Tools
July 25 Make a Shadow Box Garden with Succulents
July 26 Make a Shadow Box Garden with Succulents (Ages 12 and Up)
July 28 Make a Skateboard (Ages 12 and Up)

August 1 Beginner Bonsai (Ages 12 and Up)
August 2 & 3 Make a Diamond Willow Walking Stick
August 10 & 11 Paddle Making
August 15 Beginner Pyrography (Ages 12 and Up)
August 15 Beginner Woodworking: a Diddly Bow (Ages 12 and Up)
August 17 & 18 Intermediate Pyrography
August 22 & 23 Beginner Carving (Ages 12 and Up)
August 24 Make a Diamond Willow: Walking Stick (Ages 12 and Up)

Artist's Emporium

Soapstone Carving with Peter Symchuk,  June 8th, 2018  11:00 am - 4:00 pm  $45+GST+PST
 Interested in learning how to carve soapstone? Look no further! Having hosted several bark carving workshops with us, Peter is now offering an introductory Soapstone course with us! With a few basic tools, techniques and several pounds of Brazilian soapstone to work with, you’ll be walked through what to look for and how to plan out a carving of your own! 
Bark & Woodcarving with Peter Symchuk,  June 22nd, 2018  5:00pm - 9:00pm   $45+GST&PST
 First come, first serve! We’ve been stirring up interest in store by putting Peter’s stunning carvings on display and now he’s going to walk you through the method of carving your own piece from bark!