Workshops & Seminars


Prairie Canada is pleased to provide a variety of workshops in conjunction with our annual show.

Prairie Canada Workshops – Fall 2019- Winter 2019

Prairie Canada is offering occasional carving workshops at the Elmwood East Kildonan Active Living Centre in Winnipeg (180 Poplar Avenue). The Centre has a dedicated workshop and lunchroom– bring a lunch. Coffee is provided. Registration is on a first come first served basis. Register with Tom McCormack at (204) 253-0885 (home). Workshop details are sent out to students in advance of the workshop. Prairie Canada can supply dust collectors and power carving equipment for a $5.00 fee. Profits raised through the workshop go towards hosting the annual competition. Full day workshop usually run from 9:30am to 4:30pm. Evening workshops run from 6:30pm to 9:30pm.

Neill Johnson Walking Stick Purchase Award

Al Whitfield - cardinal diamond willow walking stick

Prairie Canada Carving Show and Competition 2019 - May 3-5

Prairie Canada is pleased to offer workshops, featuring talented Manitoba instructors, offering workshops for every carver from beginners to advanced.   Classes TBA

Oak Hammock Carving Guild Workshops – Winter 2020

Carve and paint your own working decoy.  Use hand and power tools to shape a cork body and pine head.  Then paint your ducks in the traditional way with oil house paint.  More information to follow

Carving in the Park - Alberta Wildlife Carving Association

June 18th - 23rd, 2019 with instructors Pat Godin, Dennis Drechsler and Jeff Krete.  For more information and registration contact: Bob Steele at For course descriptions, click here

Wahpeton Carving Weekend - North Dakota

June 21 - 23, 2019 Various classes including bark houses, wood spirit faces, Santa egghead, spoons, caricature, butternut crappie, relief carving, chip carving, woodburning.  For a complete list of classes and more information, click here

Lee Valley Tools - Winnipeg Seminars

May 9                     Sharpen Your Wood Turning Tools
May 17 & 18         Carve a Whimsical Bark House
May 23                  Turn an Ornate Extra-large Wooden Pen
May 24                  Turn a Lidded Box
May 30                  Turn a Virage Pen
May 31 & June 1  Beginner Woodturning
June 6 &13           Carve a Diamond Willow Walking Stick
June 7 & 8            Beginner Carving
June 14                 Sharpen Your Carving Tools
June 27 to 29       Carve a Wooden Green Man
August 10             Turn Wooden Pens
August 17             Turn a Wooden Pen and Pencil Set

Artists Emporium Seminars

May 22nd             Bark and woodcarving with Peter Symchuk
May 29th              Intro to Soapstone with Peter Symchuk

WindyDay Woodworks Classes