Carver's Award of Excellence

The Carver’s Award of Excellence was established in 2006 to acknowledge individuals, organizations and businesses for excellence and achievement in promoting and engendering the art of carving in North America. It was designed, quite simply, to pay tribute to those who have done special things to foster carving.

Recipients must be nominated for recognition from the carving community. They should have made a long term commitment to the advancement and promotion of carving, ideally leaving a lasting influence upon the community.  

Recipients to date include:

2006: Dr. Frank Baldwin of Lockport, Manitoba
2006: Hugh McVarish of Winnipeg, Manitoba
2007: Bill Palmer of Winnipeg, Manitoba
2008: Ron Davidson of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
2008: Les Barrow of Thunder Bay, Ontario
2009: Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre
2009: Harvey Welch of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
2010: Cam Merkle (Razertip Industries) Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
2011: Pat Godin of Paris, Ontario
2014: Glenn McMurdo of Coburg, Ontario
2015: Larry Vanderhyde of Winnipeg, Manitoba
2015: Harry Williams of Winnipeg, Manitoba
2017: Ted Muir of Winnipeg, Manitoba
2019: Carl Robblee of Swan River, Manitoba
2019: Robert LeClair of Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022: Tom Park of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Service Award

The Service Award acknowledges individuals who have provided a valuable service to a local carving community over an extended period of time.

Recipients to date include:

2012 Jack Motyer of Winnipeg
2018 Bill Farnworth and Stan Arrowsmith
2019 Wes Tully, Marcel Fraser, Bill Palmer and John Frye

2022 Award of Excellence: Tom Park

Since he began to carve in the late 90’s, Tom has competed regularly and won many accolades for his work. He has been a part of Prairie Canada Carvers’ Association and worked for years to support the show. Tom has contributed 17 articles to Wildfowl Carving magazine that have assisted countless carvers in developing skills and producing wonderful art pieces of their own. Extremely generous with his time, Tom has facilitated many workshops that help carvers develop important skills, and he is always ready to cut a blank or help with a pattern or project - often in his home workshop.

Tom is the model of what an excellent mentor should be - encouraging, suggesting, helping and celebrating the success of carvers at every level. The fact that Tom’s reward is his joy at seeing others move ahead with their carving makes him very special. One of the many who contributed to nominating Tom for this award rather perfectly summed up Tom’s contributions as follows....

“It is carvers, people like you, that make the rest of us want to come to the shows, want to be a part of the community, and want to carve. Your commitment to improving the art form is noticed by everyone who encounters you and your work, your instruction and your encouragement. The techniques you share with carvers, novice and advanced, have pushed the level of work we see locally and nationally. Your patience, teaching instruction in magazines, as well as general encouragement is what our art form needs to survive, grow and thrive. Thank you for all you do. The Canadian carving community would not be the same without you in it. It is for persons like you that we give out the Award of Excellence.”

Congratulations Tom, and thank you for all you have contributed to the carving community.

Board Member Service Recognition

This award recognizes PCCA board members who have served in excess of ten years. Members receive certificates at the awards banquet and are recognized in the newsletter.


2001- Ted Muir, Wade Benjaminson
2005 - Bill Palmer
2008 - Peter Sawatzky, Larry Vanderhyde, Jack Yellowlees
2009 - Ida McKenzie, Don Young, Gary Eekhoudt, Bob Taylor
2010 - Tom Park
2015 - Doug Danell
2016 - Jean Mousseau
2017 - John Frye


Nominations for the above awards should be submitted in writing to :
(email by clicking on name or mail to the following)
John Frye,
139 Lodge Avenue,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3J 0R6