Getting started in Wood carving

A Guide for Beginner Wood Carvers View Start Carving Brochure

Pattern Book

Our 25th anniversary pattern book would make a wonderful  gift any time of the year for novice carvers. This book is now available through our contact link.  Cost: $25

Tools to make at home

Centre Marking Tool - designed by Tom Park
How to make your own bow sander

Carving Supplies

Artists Emporium
Bigfoot Carving Tools
BM Sports Distribution & Taxidermy Supply
Canadian Woodworker
Chipping Away
Jaymes Company
Jelinek Cork
Knotts Knives & Stoney Point Decoys
KV Woodcarving Supplies
Maple and Bass
Mountain Woodcarvers
Pat Godin Store -  reference, patterns and instructional CDs
Razertip Industries
Sugar Pine Woodcarving Suplies
The Woodcraft Shop
Vincenti Decoy Supplies

Magazines and Websites

Carving Magazine
Pyrography - Fox Chapel
Pyrography Online
Whittling - Fox Chapel
Wildfowl Carving Magazine
Wood Carving Magazine
Wood Carver Online Magazine
Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine
Woodturning Magazine

Carving Classifieds

Carving pattern and reference books for sale.
Call Brock at (204) 489-5739SOLDPat Godin Diving Duck Pattern Book - $80.00  - SOLD

Pat Godin Marsh Duck Pattern Book - $80.00 - SOLD

Bruce Burk Patterns, Carving Instruction and Painting Guide - $40.00 - SOLD

Study Casts 
Snowy Owl (Bob Guge) - $40

Common Loon (Jeff Whitty) - $40

American Kestrel (Floyd Schultz) - $40

Green-Winged Teal (Pat Godin) - $125

if any carvers are looking for materials, tools or resources,
please contact Keith at

Carving and reference books for sale.  Contact Maria at

M14/12 wood bandsaw with 3 blades in very good condition $1500.00
Planer is SOLD
Contact Sheryl at

Carrie Braden Single Feather Purchase Award
Reuben Unger - Great-horned Owl secondary flight feather

Jim Richardson Purchase Award
Susan Cowtan - George "Red" Weir Replica Bluebill

2022 Lakefish Net & Twine Greenback Walleye Purchase Award - Jean Mousseau

Lakefish Net & Twine Purchase Awards
Jean Mousseau - Greenback Walleye and Yellow Perch

Richard Whittom Duck Head Purchase Award
Frank Macfarlane - Cinnamon Teal